The aim of the game is to be the person with the highest score at the end of each round.

The game shows a grid with positive and negative numbers in it.
Green numbers are positive and red numbers are negative.

Each player takes it in turn to choose a number from the grid.
When a tile is removed then part of the background picture is revealed.

Player 1 can only move left and right.
Player 2 can only move up and down.

The round finishes when there are no more numbers that can be taken.
The winner is then the person who has the highest score.


Q - Up
A - Down
O - Left
P - Right
SPACE - Select

or use Joystick.




Game will load and run automatically. Disc version is compatible with all Amstrad 64K disc systems (464+DDI-1, 664, 6128, 464Plus+DDI-1, 6128Plus).

The Blue Angel 69 disc needs to be in the drive at all times. The background pictures are loaded from disc.

The disc version has more music and more graphics than the cassette version.


Side A has pictures 1-5. Side B has pictures 6-10.
The cassette game is a single load.

Insert either side and then follow these instructions.


Press CTRL and small ENTER together.
Press any key and game will load and run automatically.

464+DDI-1, 664, 6128, 6128Plus (modified for tape loading):

Type: |TAPE and press RETURN/ENTER.
(| can be obtained by pressing SHIFT + @ together on a UK keyboard)
Type: RUN" and press RETURN/ENTER.
Press any key and the game will load and run automatically.


Code: Kevin Thacker
Graphics: Markus Hohmann
Music/Sfx: Roald Strauss
Cover, Sticker, Catalogue Art: Kukulcan